About Us

Desal is Local
and Reduces Stress on Statewide Water Demands

Mission and Purpose

CalDesal is a statewide association comprised of water industry leaders, representing public and private sector entities as well as non-profit organizations, integrating the use of desalination to ensure a sustainable water future for communities throughout California.

With its diversified membership of public and private industry leaders, CalDesal is dedicated to helping California address the water needs posed by a changing climate, water supply challenges and continued population growth through education and advocacy in support of policies and funding that promote desalination in the state.

CalDesal members benefit from focused public communications and outreach, as well as legislative and regulatory advocacy to advance water desalination and salinity management.


As a non-profit organization managed by its members, CalDesal advocates in Sacramento and throughout the state in support of legislation and regulatory action that facilitates the use of desalination to help meet California’s water-supply challenges.

CalDesal members include regional water utilities, special district water providers, cities and counties, private water companies, desalination technology firms, water industry advocates, consultants and related agencies and organizations.

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By joining together behind a singular common cause, CalDesal members benefit from focused legislative and regulatory advocacy, grassroots organizing, insider news and information and an opportunity to become a part of the water solution for California.

Membership Dues Categories:

  • Regular voting member (mostly public water agencies and private sector companies) – $5,000
  • Associate non-voting member (mostly smaller private sector companies and nonprofit organizations) –$1,000
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