A Call for Abstracts for the CalDesal 2024 Annual Conference has been released, and the Events Planning Committee is in the process of receiving abstracts and shaping the content for the conference.  

The CalDesal Events Planning Committee encourages you to submit abstracts within these broadly-outlined categories:  

  • Desalination technology innovations and advancements
  • Brine and concentrate management strategies and concepts
  • Ocean water desalination projects and technologies
  • Brackish water desalination projects and technologies
  • Tackling myths related to desalination
  • Renewable energy applications for desalination
  • Reducing the desalination carbon footprint
  • Clarifying mitigation obligations for desalination projects
  • Cost, rate structures, and funding for desalination projects
  • Desalination and disadvantaged communities
  • Permitting/regulatory considerations (e.g., sea level rise, establishing “need”)
  • Management innovations and opportunities for desalination project design, construction, and operation
  • And more

The deadline for submittal of abstracts is October 27, 2023. We are anticipating a very crowded field of interest for participation in the Annual Conference, so the sooner you are able to submit an abstract, the more likely it can be built-in to the conference content planning efforts.

An on-line portal for submittal of abstracts is accessible here.