The CalDesal Events Planning Committee has opened the call for abstracts for our 2024 Annual Conference, and is looking forward to a strong response.


Date: February 8-9, 2024

Location: Embassy Suites – Sacramento, CA

Topic Areas

The CalDesal Events Planning Committee is soliciting abstracts on the following topics:

  • Desalination technology innovations and advancements
  • Brine and concentrate management strategies and concepts
  • Ocean and brackish water desalination projects and technologies
  • Tackling myths related to desalination
  • Renewable energy applications for desalination and reducing the desalination carbon footprint
  • Assessing impacts and clarifying mitigation obligations for desalination projects
  • Cost, rate structures, and funding for desalination projects
  • Desalination and disadvantaged communities
  • Permitting/regulatory considerations (e.g., sea level rise, establishing “need”)
  • Management innovations and opportunities for desalination project design, construction, and operation
  • Other relevant and timely desalination and salinity management topics

Virtual Field Trip Showcase

In lieu of an off-site field trip, we’re looking for interested partners who might be able to develop a “video field trip” that can be displayed for conference attendees. We’re looking for virtual field trips in the 15-minute time range so we can accommodate multiple participants during a session.

Abstract Submission Instructions

Abstracts for presentations and the poster session should be submitted through our submission portal here by Friday, October 27, 2023.

Abstracts are limited to 300 words and must include the following:

  • Presenter name(s) and affiliation(s)
  • Presenter email and phone number
  • Presentation title
  • Topic area addressed
  • Up to 3 images related to your abstract
  • In addition to serving as a presenter would you be willing to serve as a moderator (yes/no)?

Submit Here